ITMA have distilled their technical know-how into four key disciplines


Infrastructure Design and Consulting

It is a fact that the majority of IT infrastructures are a result of evolution rather than design.  Over time, this evolution often results in poor performance evidenced by such complaints as “the server is slow” or “it takes forever to log on”.


There are many considerations when designing IT infrastructure that have nothing to do with physical hardware arrangements e.g. critical line of business applications and how to keep them available during network issues, whether to adopt cloud technology etc. 


To address the many considerations of a client’s infrastructure and ensure their future IT strategy aligns with business direction and growth, ITMA’s consulting team offer their Strategic IT Planning service. 


The service reviews every aspect of the physical and virtual infrastructure, with a focus on key personnel interviews to understand how IT failings impact their area of operation and gather their thoughts on what functions would increase business efficiency.


With this information to hand, ITMA’s Consultants’ knowledge and skill allows them to bring all the variables together and develop a strategy using current and emerging technologies to steer your business into the future. 


The strategy includes a risk and impact analysis matrix that quickly identifies immediate and essential improvements, with a schedule of future actions aligned with business direction.  


When conducting your next business SWOT Analysis pay close attention to the IT strategy. As commonly seen before it may be dated or altogether incorrect. If so, consider an engagement with an ITMA Consultants to bridge the gap.

Managed IT Service

Simply put, ITMA’s proactive Managed IT Support service gives you an IT department with over 100 years’ collective experience. ITMA take pride in being a part of your team, not just a service provider.


So who is in your team?

A team of Engineers, led by expert Operations Management, who are professional, technically sound and have a genuine passion for resolving issues and deploying solutions in the most efficient and effective way possible. 


This team knows there is no such thing as a dumb question.


When asked for one word to describe them, their clients said “approachable”.


ITMA’s Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is the trusted advisor and Network Architect, providing guidance and IT strategies aligned to business needs.


ITMA’s Project Manager keeps projects on track whilst minimising inevitable associated business interruptions, all with utmost transparency and strong ongoing communication. 


ITMA’s Account Managers ensures satisfaction at the management level and transparency into IT related issues in your workforce. 


ITMA’s Sales team is there to source hardware and software as the needs arise and provide ongoing monitoring and facilitation of license renewals for existing infrastructure.


Finally, ITMA’s Admin & Finance team glue everything together, coordinating procurement, information and invoicing for the many services ITMA provide.


When engaging ITMA for their proactive Managed IT Support service you don’t just get a Service Desk, you get an entire team focused on you for anything and everything IT.


Cloud Solutions

ITMA have been operating their own private cloud since 2007.


Contrary to leading Industry opinions, ITMA understood public cloud services would not meet everyone’s needs for a variety of reasons e.g. lack of understanding, lack of trust, complex billing models etc.


Consequently, ITMA built a private cloud to deliver a choice of public, private or hybrid cloud services to meet client’s business needs.   


The skills and experience built up over this time enabled ITMA to confidently offer this service as well as public cloud solutions (Azure, AWS, O365 etc) or a hybrid of the two to meet your specific requirements.


ITMA’s private cloud clients enjoy a simplified experience for a highly complex IT infrastructure, with a single monthly invoice for all server computing & storage resources, software licensing and datacentre networking requirements.


ITMA’s Consultants are experts at designing cloud solutions to balance budget and performance whilst giving you the elastic platform you need to adapt for what the future brings.

Cyber Security

Security is the cornerstone of what ITMA do.  To tackle the ongoing growth in cyber-crime and the evolution in attack methods, their offering is a unique, multi-layered, combined cloud and onsite solution that monitors and protects 24×7, whether in the office or on the road.


Whether its endpoint security risk, phishing/whaling emails, impersonation threats, social engineering, compromised web sites or even basic brute force attacks, the threat is always addressed with this multi-layered approach. 


The solution provides 10 layers of protection that can not only detect and stop attacks but also pre-empt possible leaks, detect potential breaches, discover and report on compromised staff credentials and keep your workforce aware of threats in today’s landscape.


“Curiosity killed the cat” is an old metaphor warning of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation and it sums up human nature when it comes to one of ITMA’s biggest security concerns; Email.


Email is the #1 cyber threat worldwide. The ITMA model recognises this by thoroughly scanning inbound and outbound mail whilst creating a carbon copy archive in a secure cloud environment to ensure availability with or without access to your primary mail servers.


However, some humans are more “curious” than others and should your systems be compromised by some quirk of human nature (as it always is) ITMA have the backup and recovery solution in place to allow you to continue working while the clean-up is underway.


Email is essential to business, but email is just one piece in the puzzle of a massive, constantly evolving technological landscape. ITMA are big believers in Murphy’s Law, which is why their security model extends beyond email to protect web traffic, physical networks, user credentials and much more.


Is this obsessive – probably. What it does do is deliver peace of mind, address business compliance such as data protection/loss regulations/reporting requirements and allow the business to operate safely from anywhere, anytime.

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