Another Email Scam Hits Perth Real Estate

Another Email Scam Hits Perth Real Estate

As another email scam hits Perth Real Estate, Consumer Protection WA has echoed the message of cyber security experts worldwide: consumer email platforms should be avoided in business, and email security needs to be taken more seriously.

In two separate attacks, cyber criminals have siphoned payments totalling $70,000 from a single settlement agent by cloning it’s Yahoo address.

At ITMA we take email security very, very seriously. We’ve seen the damage caused by stolen credentials, phishing and whaling first hand. It’s why email security sits on top of our 10 layer security model. We know it’s the #1 attack vector and employ best of breed vendors to minimise the threat. If you think there is room for improvement for your business, we guarantee there is, and we’re keen to talk.

Take a look at our approach to cyber security here:

Jeff Bown