Why Choose SonicWall

Cyber-crime is big business and with the growth in this “industry” so the possibility of becoming a victim of this industry increases. Sophisticated malware (malicious-software) is particularly rampant and can be disruptive and detrimental to productivity and security. Malware applies to many types of viruses, and could be anything from irritating Adware to more sinister Trojans or Ransomware! To protect against this increased threat, a multi-level security approach is a good strategy.  A firewall is just one piece of the strategy, and SonicWALL comes recommended by ITMA.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall acts as the first line of defence between you and the Internet by controlling incoming and outgoing traffic to and from your network. A high quality firewall acts as the gatekeeper, thoroughly checking credentials before allowing anything to enter or exit. A firewall could be hardware or software, or even a combination of both. A firewall typically has a range of security levels allowing you full control over what you deem to be safe.

Why Choose SonicWall

SonicWALL firewalls provide small, mid-sized, branch offices and distributed enterprises with advanced threat protection in a high performance secure platform.  Combined with the SonicWALL’s patented “Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI)” engine on a multi-core architecture, these firewalls offer security, performance and control.

Features of SonicWall

Key features of the firewall range include:

●RFDPI threat prevention engine examines every byte in and out of the business simultaneously

●Intrusion protection

●Malware protection

●Web/URL filtering against malicious web sites

●Cloud based SonicWALL Capture multi-engine sandbox service to block zero day threats

●Full inspection of SSL/TLS and SSH encrypted connections

●Application control and performance management on a per user or per group basis

●Virtual Private Network (VPN) functions

Intelligent Technology

With many cyber criminals becoming increasingly skilled in avoiding detection, SonicWALL can integrate seamlessly with other security solutions to offer maximum protection from encrypted files. The multi-core architecture makes SonicWALL a high performance solution, with low latency, allowing it to process data quickly without any perceived delays.

The SSLVPN (Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Networks) feature allows highly secure remote access for a wide range of portable devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops, protecting Staff as they work remotely and on the road.

SonicWALL provides automatic threat protection updates that are applied immediately without the need to reboot the device for them to become active. Additionally, clear and accurate reporting enables a better understanding of threats knocking on your Internet door.

The Full Security Solution

At IT Management Associates, we have a team of experienced IT consultants on hand to support the security needs of your business. We offer a fully managed security service, which offers maximum protection for businesses of all shapes and sizes. For a streamlined approach to IT security that complements your existing processes, please contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.



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