Realtime Endpoint Security

Realtime Endpoint Security

IT Management and Associates provide a fully managed cyber security suite. The suite consists of a range of complementary products, from global leaders in their field, aimed at giving your business maximum digital protection.One of those products is Webroot Realtime Endpoint Security, a feature rich cloud based award winning antivirus solution.

Cloud Based Solution

Businesses are vulnerable to a wide range of security threats including malware, phishing and ransomware. As cyber criminals have become more savvy, it is an upward battle trying to keep the risks to a minimal level. A cloud-based solution allows for protection on the go, regardless of where you choose to work. To stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape requires a different approach to the traditional method of delivering protection. Subsequently, Webroot developed their BrightCloud Threat Intelligence service in the Cloud.  The service continuously analyses millions of inputs from the Internet to undertake predictive threat analysis.  Enhanced by Webroot’s contextual analyses engine, Webroot are able to identify previously unknown threats quickly and accurately. In this way Webroot Realtime Endpoint Security can offer protection from zero day threats, an essential part of any high level security system.

Multi-vector protection is a key benefit of Webroot Realtime Endpoint Security and includes:

●Daily virus scans

●Customised shields

●Real time protection


●Behaviour modeling

●Privacy protection

This solution remains active both online and offline and is compatible with PCs, Macs and tablets.

Accurate Results

With protection 24 hours a day, businesses benefit from a constantly updated knowledgebase of cyber threats. The service offers 99% accuracy and targets a variety of risks which cannot be ignored. On the rare occasion when an attack is successful, Webroot Realtime Endpoint Security offers rollback features to preserve sensitive data and files.

With not only the ability to clean infected devices, we can reset your system to a preferred state from before the attack took place. Reporting and notification is thorough and easy to understand. Webroot Realtime Endpoint Security is one piece of the puzzle, and when combined with other recommended services from one of our experienced IT consultants you will have the confidence to do business online.

About IT Management and Associate

At IT Management Associates our Perth IT consultants have over 120 years’ experience. We are passionate about technology and understand the need for 24/7 virus protection. When you invest in all the components of our managed security suite, we offer a unique customer guarantee. Should your protection be compromised we will recover your data, free of charge, to a state equivalent to no less than 2 hours prior to the attack. For more information on how we can support your business, please contact us today.

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