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Many businesses have embraced changes in technology, and now allow their employees the opportunity to work in a more fluid environment. Productivity is achieved with the help of the “cloud”, as data and documents are stored on the internet allowing for easy collaboration and job sharing. Staff can now work from home, the airport or the local coffee shop with the use of a few simple applications. Traditional security measures target individual devices, but when data is stored in the cloud, it can make it difficult to protect.

Examples of Cloud Based Storage Services:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Box

Associated Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities

Despite the convenience of using cloud, there is an increased security risk. With employees using their own devices, data is accessed from multiple locations and stored on multiple devices e.g. mobile phones, laptops and tablets etc. Businesses need to ensure their IT solutions are capable of dealing with the rising exploitation of Web 2.0 and Java protocols. The consequences of compromised data can have a devastating impact on a company, especially where sensitive material is involved. This can be both time consuming and costly to rectify, and while nothing is ever completely risk free, Zscaler will arm you with the best defense.

Why Choose Zscaler

Zscaler is part of the ITMA Managed Security Suite that includes seven key services designed to protect your company's data. Zscaler is cloud based, and with over 100 data centres throughout the world is not limited to a single device or access point. It is a fast and powerful solution, with in depth reporting and a range of different functions. Zscaler includes protection for:

  • Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Web Browsing
  • Data Sharing
  • Malware
  • HTTP and SMTP threats
  • Social Media

The Core Benefits

Zscaler was developed with optimal user experience in mind. The company has four core values:

  • Instant Visibility
  • Elasticity
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Fast User Experience

Zscaler does not discriminate between inbound and outbound threats, and will target both in real time. There is no additional hardware or software required making it a cost effective solution. For companies who want to step into the future with mobile, cloud and social solutions, Zscaler will be there to offer you the protection and security you need. Give your business the flexibility it needs to grow regardless of when and where you like to work. Combining this cloud based, security rich technology with our other recommended security services will ensure you have taken the right steps to secure your data.

The Full Security Solution

The full security suite is highly scalable and caters to single or multiple site businesses, national and international, delivering the same level of security at all locations and on the move. At IT Management and Associates, our consultants can work with you to gauge how the managed security suite would secure your user environment. Our experienced team have been in the industry for a collective total of 120 years, and we can bring this knowledge directly to your workplace. We can optimise your existing IT systems to support the growth of your business, and create a more streamlined approach to security. Contact Us today to discuss your needs and we will give you the tools you need to run your business, the way you want to.

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