Email security and continuity

Email security and continuity

Email is an essential business tool in today’s digital world. However, it is easy to forget that without the proper protocols in place, it can also be a conduit right into the core of your business.  

Unsecured email accounts are constantly under threat from:

• Phishing and whaling attacks
• Targeted threats
• Social engineering and impersonation attacks
• Malicious URL’s
• Ransomware attacks
• Spyware or malware that could compromise your IP or corporate data

Understanding the risk

To understand the risk, business owners must first familiarise themselves with potential threats.  Only when you understand the vulnerabilities, is it possible to assess and mitigate risk. A robust IT risk management strategy, incorporating a clearly articulated, well monitored and properly enforced email policy, together with a comprehensive staff awareness and training program goes a long way to preventing dubious attachments or file downloads with hidden payloads.

Secure your email gateway

If anyone asked if you wanted better security, improved system performance, with the ability to identify and quarantine email threats before they reach your network, the chances are you would say yes! There are plenty of IT security businesses that will promise the world, the reality is you need a properly qualified and experienced service provider. One that is across known and emerging threats, with the ability to pre-empt and respond to new attacks whenever they occur.  

To protect against this non-stop email threat, you need a service that offers:

• Global coverage, operating 24x7
• Email continuity in the event your system becomes compromised
• Implements a unique email inspection protocol to validate attachments and URL’s
• Protects users against impersonation attacks
• Protection delivered anywhere the users operate
• Inspects incoming, outgoing and internal email for potential threats or data leaks

Our recommendation is a Cloud based platform with threat intelligence software that updates instantly and extends easily to control sensitive data. Combine that with administrator visibility, the ability to rapidly apply policies across an entire organisation and your risk management strategy is in place.

Data protection

Data protection is serious with significant implications for non-compliance. Most small to medium size companies have no protocols in place to prevent data leakage in emails and many large organisations are operating with outdated etiquettes. Our Cloud solution sets policies across the organisation from a single point of management to reduce the risk of regulatory non-compliance.  This also manages policy violations, whether occurring in an on-premise, cloud or hybrid email environment.  The cost of data breaches can be far-reaching, expensive and damaging to your reputation. Investing in managed IT solutions is not an option, it is a necessity.

Solutions based IT Professionals

With combined experience of 120 years across a wide range of technologies, the ITMA team have a solid reputation for excellence in IT security solutions.  By allowing ITMA to operate and maintain your equipment, systems, network infrastructure, communications, security and backups, you have the peace of mind that your IT system is in safe hands.  Call us on +61 8 9478 7111    Email is an essential business tool in today’s digital world. However, it is easy to forget that without the proper protocols in place, it can also be a conduit right into the core of your business.  

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