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As businesses have begun to rely more heavily on technology, efficiency and growth have accelerated. Advancements in computing and the internet have allowed for expansion internationally and transactions and correspondence can now take place any time, day or night. However, this progress hasn’t come without risk, as often a significant amount of data needs to be correctly stored and maintained.

Security Awareness Training

In today's digital world, cybercrime has become commonplace. Criminals often take a creative approach to accessing data and companies are particularly vulnerable. Often information is stored within the cloud, with multiple employees being able to access confidential files from different locations.

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Cyber-crime is big business and with the growth in this “industry” so the possibility of becoming a victim of this industry increases. Sophisticated malware (malicious-software) is particularly rampant and can be disruptive and detrimental to productivity and security. Malware applies to many types of viruses, and could be anything from irritating Adware to more sinister Trojans or Ransomware!

Securing the Web Zscaler

Many businesses have embraced changes in technology, and now allow their employees the opportunity to work in a more fluid environment. Productivity is achieved with the help of the “cloud”, as data and documents are stored on the internet allowing for easy collaboration and job sharing. Staff can now work from home, the airport or the local coffee shop with the use of a few simple applications. Traditional security measures target individual devices, but when data is stored in the cloud, it can make it difficult to protect.

Email security and continuity

Email security and continuity

Email is an essential business tool in today’s digital world. However, it is easy to forget that without the proper protocols in place, it can also be a conduit right into the core of your business.  

Unsecured email accounts are constantly under threat from:

• Phishing and whaling attacks
• Targeted threats
• Social engineering and impersonation attacks
• Malicious URL’s
• Ransomware attacks
• Spyware or malware that could compromise your IP or corporate data

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Free whitepaper

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The exponential growth in the use of the Internet for everything has blurred the lines between personal and professional computer resources making it very difficult to control and secure information. Download our FREE guide to learn about how you can protect your business.

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