Stopping Unwanted Executables


With multiple layers of protection there is still no protection against human error.  With the ever-changing nature of threats, it is still possible for new releases to slip through the layers and tempt an employee.  Cleverly crafted emails and social engineering result in more convincing spoofs that result in an employee clicking on that “link” and that is when the trouble starts.



As an additional layer of protection ITMA has developed a Group Policy Object (GPO) that prevents employees from running unauthorised “executable” files on their machines.  In this way, even if tempted by the craftily scripted email they are not able to run the payload executable on their computers, acting as the last line of defence. 



Business benefits of running a GPO approach are: 

  • Greater control of the end user’s environment
  • Only authorised software can be installed on devices
  • Installations must be authorised before being actioned
  • High reduction in the risks of infection 
  • Keeps control of the desktop/laptop prolonging functionality, 
  • The business is aware of applications installed on what machines, improving audit compliance.

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Free whitepaper

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