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Given the shift in cybercrime to being big business, greater creativity is being applied to the methods of accessing systems e.g. surfing social media, surfing companies web sites and targeting specific individuals to name a few, it is more important than ever to ensure our employees can recognise the truth amongst the plethora of crafted spoof communications.

The threat is the exploitation of peoples trust and compliance (especially with senior management requests) combined with the instant service mentality prevalent today.



To combat the inventiveness of the cybercriminal, companies need to develop:

  • Internal Security Awareness Education programs that focus on how to avoid    being exploited
  • Internal policies and procedures for financial transactions
  • Internal policies and procedures for giving out company information via    the telephone
  • Internal policies and procedures for such things a password management
  • Social network use policies and procedures



Resulting from the development and implementation of a number of these approaches the business will benefit from:

  • Better informed staff reducing the likelihood of an incident occurring    from ignorance
  • Increased security when it comes to handling financial transactions over    the internet
  • Reduced likelihood of corporate information being used to construct a social hack
  • Minimised risk of fraudulent transactions or systems being affected by Ransomware
  • Enhanced security 


In today's digital world, cybercrime has become commonplace. Criminals often take a creative approach to accessing data and companies are particularly vulnerable. Often information is stored within the cloud, with multiple employees being able to access confidential files from different locations.

In addition to the more obvious security breaches such as ransomware, individuals may be specifically targeted from their social media profiles, or even your own company website. It is essential that you keep your business as secure as possible, and Security Awareness Training is just one piece of the puzzle:

The Potential Risks

Even with the most sophisticated security measures in place, there is always room for human error. Often breaches arise simply due to ignorance, such as opening deceitful communication by mistake. At other times security issues may be the case of something more sinister. Internal threats may emerge due to disgruntled employees, or those who should no longer have access to company systems. Regardless of the cause of a security breach, prevention is better than cure. While no company can ever be 100% protected, there are ways to significantly minimise the risks.

What is Security Awareness Training?

At IT Management Associates we offer internal Security Awareness Training (SAT) for relevant members of your team. This specialised training aims to increase the awareness of potential threats and emphasises your companies own policies and procedures.

This includes, but is not limited to, the development of internal security awareness education programs in the following areas:

  • How to avoid being exploited by cyber criminals
  • The correct management of financial transactions
  • The type of information that can be given out by telephone
  • Password management
  • Proper social network usage

What to Expect       

When these strategies are correctly implemented into your workplace, the business will gain significant benefits. Staff who are informed and up to date with the correct policies and procedures will be less likely to make a mistake out of ignorance. The overall cyber security will be enhanced while financial transactions will be properly managed. The risk of ransomware, fraudulent transactions and social media hacking will all be reduced, allowing your customers to have confidence in both your brand and your processes.

This is a long term strategy which may need to be adapted over time, but when all employees are on the same page it makes for a more consistent and secure work environment.

A Managed Security Suite

ITMA was established back in 1999, and our staff have over 120 years of combined experience. Our Managed Security Suite provides your business with a range of the best security measures available. Choosing only one method of protection may leave you with vulnerabilities, but our package of cloud based solutions will offer you real time protection.

With many staff now working remotely, we understand the potential implications this may have on internet security. All of our selected products and strategies are trustworthy without having any adverse effects on productivity and performance.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, and see how we can take your cyber security to the next level.

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