Securing The Web


The Internet provides businesses with a global reach but also opens the business to global threats such as:

  • Web sites compromised with malicious content
  • CMS systems compromised due to failure to apply patches
  • Browser and plugin vulnerabilities
  • Data loss by the increased use of cloud based storage services such as Dropbox
  • Increased use of mobile technology and BYOD means malicious code can be introduced by almost any device with Internet access
  • Increased use of Cloud based services brings opportunity for the services to be compromised
  • Exploitation of Web 2.0 and Java protocols as the Internet of Things expands



Combatting Internet based threats requires a solution that: 

  • Protects Users wherever they are working, 
  • Is scalable and cloud based operating non-stop (available 24x7)
  • Addresses inbound and outbound threats,
  • Utilises a detection methodology permitting zero-day threats to be captured
  • Easily scalable (up or down)
  • Can check SSL content
  • Includes a company policy for fair use of the Internet based on understand the threat 



The benefits to any business resulting from this approach include:

  • Always on anywhere protection
  • Threats are stopped before reaching your network
  • No longer require investment in web security appliances or network infrastructure to provide security at multiple points of the organisations infrastructure
  • Can meet the growing needs of a business without huge investment
  • Control of what web sites can be visited
  • Easily adopted across multiple sites and countries
  • IT staff freed up to work on more business focused IT activities 

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Free whitepaper

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