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There are many statistics that highlight the importance of having good data backups should disasters occur.  The likelihood of a disaster, in the traditional sense e.g. flood, remains constant but with the global growth in cybercrime the threat of a disaster occurring has increased exponentially resulting in an increased likelihood of business being crippled by no access to data.  The results of such a disaster include:

  • Encrypted data requiring payment to recover
  • Lost data – having to recreate lost work not saved when the disaster struck
  • Lost systems – business databases locked up
  • Lack of compliance
  • Lost reputation 



The establishment of a fully automated backup routine combined with offsite storage can protect business against these threats should they occur.  Key points for consideration for the solution include:

  • Established Recovery Point Object (RPO) 
  • Establish Recovery Time Object (RTO)
  • Establish automated offsite backup solution that meets the RTO and    RPO requirements
  • Establish alternate location for recovering data and systems
  • Establish DRP/BCP plan and test every 6 months



The resulting benefits of adopting this approach include:

  • A disaster recovery plan/business continuity plan is in place 
  • An alternate physical location to operate from has been identified and established
  • The time to recovery is a known quantity
  • Recovery and restoration of systems, folders and individual files can be performed
  • Positioned to deal with compliance and legal requirements
  • No lost reputation
  • Not held to ransom by cybercriminals


As businesses have begun to rely more heavily on technology, efficiency and growth have accelerated. Advancements in computing and the internet have allowed for expansion internationally and transactions and correspondence can now take place any time, day or night. However, this progress hasn’t come without risk, as often a significant amount of data needs to be correctly stored and maintained.

There is always the chance of company systems and data being compromised or corrupted, and every business should have measures in place to ensure this threat is addressed. This can be achieved with the use of quality data protection.

Why Data Protection is Essential

Without security and backup measures in place, it may be too late for recovery of compromised data. It is always better to be prepared and have the appropriate protection in place for a quick restoration, rather than subjecting a company to significant downtime. Having lost data and data systems creates a lack of business continuity and will not only put a company behind but may even test customer loyalty. Protection of data needs to be taken seriously, as it could potentially lead to legal ramifications. There are two main objectives to consider when determining the right type of data protection. The right product should be able to meet the company’s expectations based on the following metrics:

RPO or Recovery Point Objective is the maximum amount of time a company is prepared to accept in which data may be lost from an IT service due to a major event e.g. “we can afford to lose 4 hours of data”.

RTO or Recovery Time Objective relates to the amount of time it takes to restore systems and data before impeding the flow of normal business operations.

The Benefits of Storage Craft

Established in 2003, Storage Craft provide a range of services for protecting data. Simply put, Storagecraft provide a backup and disaster recovery solution that will keep your data safe, while providing availability when and where you need it.  In the case of a data incident, individual files or whole systems can be restored in an instant.

Systems and data are backed up offsite, with fail-over servers having the ability to run in the case of a serious event. RTOs and RPOs will be configured to ensure you meet your legal and moral obligations, without any lengthy wait times affecting your bottom line. It is not just files; applications and settings are also restored during this process.

If it is security, instant data recovery and reliability are important to your brand, then Storage Craft is the right choice.

A Managed Security Suite

At IT Management and Associates, we believe optimal security for your company is not as simple as just one product. Our experienced team have created a managed security suite that uses industry-leading solutions to deliver integrated and overlapping security measures.  Adopting this approach means your company will be highly protected, and more equipped to deal with a compromise in the unlikely event one were to occur.

Please contact us today to discuss how to can secure your business.

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