Accounting and financial firms have a unique set of technology requirements. 

Often required to operate numerous versions of accounting software, depending on their clients application, securely manage multiple clients data, be up to date with Tax amendments, report to the ATO, record time accurately plus all the other functions of a business means your IT systems need to be reliable, fast, secure internally and externally (remote access), scaleable and with good Internet access.    

We understand that system uptime is a priority and to this end can architect your system to avoid single points of failure and provide a disaster recovery fall back position to ensure operations, even during this type of event.

Our in-house Private Cloud service offers the option to move your physical environment to a virtual cloud platform that is scaleable, secure, reliable, fault tolerant, and not shared with others in a public Cloud. 

If you would like to discuss in more detail how we can work with you, please call us on 08 9478 7111 or send us an email.

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Free whitepaper

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