Securing inquisitive minds and identities!

It is fair to say that any education campus faces the most security challenges from internal sources than any other environment.  Today's students grow up with technology at their fingertips; the prevelance of mobile devices and easy access to information and code on how systems can be "opened", means there is a continuous threat from inquisitive minds to break into systems as part of an intellectual rite of passage.  

The growth in wireless networks, a prerequisite today, only adds to the complexity of securing the environment both internally and externally; and this is only the begining; as the old saying goes "familiarity breeds contempt" and this can lead to carelessness.

The eruption of social networking, associated apps and the need to feel connected means today's students are never far from thumb RSI and all it takes is one compromised identity and password and we have the equivalent of a firestorm as the compromised account "networks" itself with all the other contacts. 

Apart from the disruption caused there is the real likelihood of identity theft resulting in wide ranging issues.

ITMA have experience in securing networks (wired and wireless) for environments where the User and device count often exceeds 1,500 every day and access to information needs to be fast and secure.  If you think we can help you with your challenges, then call 08 9478 7111 and speak with one of our consultants. 


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