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Today there is a constant threat to loss of data and identity.  Security attacks operate 24 x 7 and are continually morphing in the way they attempt to break through company’s security barriers.

This process of continually changing how attacks are launched means that no one vendor of anti-virus/anti-malware solution can guarantee 100% protection.  Consequently, company’s need to re-evaluate how they protect their information and employee’s identities.

At ITMA our experience has led us to the development of a multi-tiered, multi-vendor solution providing multiple layers of protection to better meet the need for a higher level of security.

Our solution is based on bringing together solutions acknowledged by Gartner as best of breed in their fields under a single management framework, and combining them with training and a real time data backup service to offer a unique guarantee.

We guarantee that should all the layers of protection be compromised, we will recover your systems and data free of charge and your data will never be more than 2 hours out of date from the time of attack.

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How do I secure my IT environment to protect my Business as new threats emerge?

The key to IT Security is to use a multi-tiered Security platform, taking advantage of best of breed Software and Hardware solutions.  IT Management Associates offer a Managed Security Suite which ensures total system security for Email, Internet, Web Browsing, Data Backup and End User Training.

I have heard that standard email communications are not always secure, how can I send a highly confidential email?

Standard Email communication is sometimes vulnerable to being intercepted or read by unintented recipients.  IT Management Associates have solutions available to provide a secure messaging portal to ensure accurate email delivery and reciept with full auditing to maximise confidentiality and security.

How can I ensure compliance for email auditing purposes?

IT Management Associates offer solutions for Email Archival, with rapid search functionality to quickly and accurately locate email for Auditing, Legal and Governance compliance, with up to 99 year retention.

How can I be sure I will not lose business critical data?

ITMA understands how important data is to a business.  Over 80% of business suffering a major data loss or breach never recover.  As a result maintaining the integrity of your information is one of our core priorities.  Our range of backup solutions allow the full recovery of both individual files and folders as well as the restoration of your entire environment.  We will work with you to define a disaster recovery regime to meet your needs.

Targeted Threat Protection = Security
Data Protection = Security

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