When you need systems that run like clockwork!

"Time is money" has never been truer than today. 

The commoditisation of the Internet means we have a generation that is always "on" and is used to instant access to information with no more than a click or a finger swipe.  The same is true of industry today.  Having information at your finger tips is becoming more and more the differentiator with business.

Consequently, the importance of information systems always being available, secure and fast becomes an essential requirement.

So how do you build reliability?

A few core considerations for building reliable infrastructures:

  • Hardware
    • Purchase hardware from manufacturers who have quality assurance as part of their manufacturing process e.g. tier 1 vendors - HP, IBM, Dell
    • Use tried and tested operating systems and applications (avoid "bleeding edge")
    • Build hardware with redundancy and auto-failover implemented where possible
    • Ensure good warranty process on all key equipment
  • Develop and test good backup procedures
  • Implement power protection
  • Restrict people access to sensitive areas
  • Implement quality security services to protect eMail, Internet access, secure remote access and access to your systems by outside agencies
  • Carry spare equipment of hard to obtain components

If you are unsure how your systems are architected, call us on 1300 991 771 to arrange a coffee and consider how a business impact analysis by one of our consultants can identify shortfalls and make recommendations to enhance your systems reliability.



How do I maximise the up-time of my IT environment?

IT Management Associates offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure that your communications, network and data storage infrastructure are both robust and compliant with industry best practices.  We achieve this through the application of the best elements of cloud and localised infrastructure to deliver both cost effective and dynamic Business Continuity Solutions.

What happens if my business has a major IT issue outside of normal business hours?

We recognise that many businesses in Australia operate through periods outside of normal business hours.  To address this we are proud to offer plans that can provide the piece of mind that your staff and network environment will have access to support when they need it.

How can I improve remote access to my Business resources?

Providing remote staff with fast and secure access to Business resources is vital in the modern era.  IT Management Associates have extensive experience in providing a hybrid solution of Cloud based and On Premises resources for remote staff to access, to ensure staff productivity is not limited by technology.

What happens to my email if my Business loses internet connectivity?

IT Management Associates has extensive experience with the various email continuity solutions which provides reliable access to email resources to keep your Business in communication with your Customers.

Email Archiving = Reliability
Email Archiving: Why it makes sense to archive email in the Cloud
Mailbox Continuity = Reliability

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Free whitepaper

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