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Performance of an IT infrastructure is often judged by the desktop or laptop response, when in fact the truth is that many facets of the network can affect performance.

In our experience, when called in to assist clients resolve issues with performance, we have found that usually it is not the end users desktop or laptop but an assortment of issues.  Some examples we have encountered have been incorrectly configured storage arrays, bad network design (VLAN's, cascading switches etc), IP address errors, DNS/DHCP misconfiguration, database architecture and indexing, and even misuse of the application itself to mention a few.

With the adoption of cloud services we have an emergence of dot NET and Java applications that leads us to consider such issues as firewalls, internet speed, the volume of data being transferred and even such things as conflicts with anti-virus packages.

If you feel the performance of your IT infrastructure is an issue then call us on 1300 991 771 to discuss or email the details of the issue to where one of our consultants will review the information before calling you back to discuss.


What are Managed Services and what benefit do they offer my Business?

Managed Services provide perpetual monitoring and maintenance of your IT Environment, to ensure optimal system health and integrity.  This allows your Business to focus on doing what it does best, giving you back your most precious resource, time. 

Is Cloud the best solution for my Business?

Cloud Based services offer an agile, secure and cost effective solution, empowering Business to adapt to the changing landscape quickly and effectively.  Both On-Premises Hardware and Cloud still hold key advantages, with a flexible hybrid approach often being the best outcome for many Businesses. IT Management Solutions offer Consulting Services to gauge the best possible solution for your Business.

How do I maximise employee productivity in an age of Internet based distractions?

IT Management Associates can assist with the formulation of IT Internet Usage Policies in addition to the implementation of Cloud based Internet Access Filtering, enabling Businesses to monitor, control and report on appropriate usage of Business resources.

What is the Cloud?

The term Cloud is in the simplest terms storing and accessing data, programs and services over the Internet instead of purchasing and maintaining dedicated Server Hardware in your office for these programs or services. 


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