ITMA Insight

The single portal for all your support needs 

Working with the ITMA support team could never be easier.  ITMA Insight App provides your interface to all service, sales and project service requests in a single portal.

One click to open the App and then select whether you want to modify your profile, request support or view the status of an existing ticket.

  1. My Profile  - displays personal contact details, what machine you are logged onto, IP address, if you are on the Internet and an option to edit your personal details
  2. Request Support –presents a menu for lodging support requests
  3. View Tickets – provides the ability to see the status of support requests and who is working on it

How easy is it? open the App, select "Request Support", select the area of support from the drop down lists offered and submit; three simple steps ensuring information is up to date, requests are submitted directly with the support team, resources assigned, consistent information supplied and you are never more than a click away from knowing the status of any support request.

ITMA Insight – making support as easy as 1, 2, 3!



Free whitepaper

Free whitepaper

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