No Internal IT Team? We've Got Your Security Covered

Sometimes the cost of having your own in-house IT specialist is prohibitive. Thankfully, you do not need to compromise on business security and efficiency because IT Management Associates (ITMA) offers Perth clients a comprehensive Managed Security Suite based on Gartner magic quadrant solutions that deliver:

  • Email spam and impersonation filter protection
  • Email content and attachment filtering protection
  • Email continuity and archive service
  • Server, desktop and laptop AV and AM end point protection
  • Network and remote access security
  • Security awareness education for end users
  • Internet and web security services
  • Offsite backup and disaster recovery service
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These days business relies on the Internet for almost everything. Think website, cloud accounting, public cloud data stores (such as Dropbox) and the hundreds of documents emailed every day with sensitive business data. Social media has become a common tool for promoting your products or services all of which can make it difficult to control and secure information.

The growth in the trend for BYOD (bring your own device) opens more loopholes that need addressing either by draconian measures or good “Internet Usage Policies”.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes

Without the right security protocols in place, any business is open to phishing, SPAM, malware or trojans. The ACCC Scamware website recommend that you always keep your computer security up to date with anti-virus and anti-spyware software, install a good firewall and only buy computer and anti-virus software from a reputable source.  These days a staff member can compromise your data by simply clicking on an attachment. With the online environment a minefield for the unwary, it makes good business sense to have an IT expert looking after your interests.  

The question isn’t can I afford IT security, it’s can I afford NOT to have it?

It’s easy to think “It will never happen to me” but if your system is compromised or your server fails, have you considered the impact on your business? Loss of data, loss of reputation or the inability to trade for days or weeks could be financially devastating.

Given the complexity of the issue, and the very real threat, ITMA has put together a multi-tiered cloud based protection service using global leaders in their fields. Combined with active directory enabled security, end user education and a best practice data recovery we believe it is a unique service.

About us

Established by Alan and Jeff back in 1999, IMTA has grown and matured into a company that is dedicated to solving problems and delivering solutions. We have built a trusted team of IT professionals who (although they have their own areas of speciality) share the same goals, ideals and values as the founding partners. 

With a combined experience of 120 years across a wide range of technologies, our team have developed and refined their skills and built a reputation for excellence. Our clients include organisations in the public and private sector with complex requirements including:

  • Parliament of WA;
  • Department of Housing and Works;
  • Water Corporation of WA; and
  • Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI),
  • Shell and BP. 
  • Astra Zeneca

What we can do for you

Let our team of experts manage and optimise your IT systems. We can transform your business technology from being a drain on time and resources to being instrumental in taking your company to the next level. By allowing us to operate and maintain your systems, laptops, desktops, network infrastructure, communications, security and backups, you have the peace of mind that your IT systems are in safe hands. 

Free whitepaper

Free whitepaper

Are you at risk ?

The exponential growth in the use of the Internet for everything has blurred the lines between personal and professional computer resources making it very difficult to control and secure information. Download our FREE guide to learn about how you can protect your business.

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